Who is this Kid!?

Cillian Maynooth (nee Heffernan)

What can we say about this man. We could start with his sense of style, move on through his taste in fast and loud automobiles and wind up with his technical abilities. This time however we’re going to focus on the music, the music and the method in which he plays it is what defines this man as an artist. Few people, if anyone can pull off just what Cillian manages to do on a nightly basis, pulling killer sets from the deepest crevices of existence



Cillian has played every 18th and Bar Mitzvah in Enfield, well he sometimes drunkenly claims to have done anyway. He’s a veteran of every PoorMan’s, there from the very very beginning, before we even knew his name actually he was pumping tunes and downing bottles. It’s always a pleasure to welcome him back to the stage.

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