DIY King

Diarmuid Connon


·         Part owner of a fleet of motorised floating devices

·         Once had a balloon called WILSON!

·         Favourite tool: Hammer

·         Best ideas come to him while on the sesh with the lads

·         Takes his tea breaks seriously (like if its not Barrys tea we have a problem)

Diarmuid is one half of a duo who’s dream it is to run a kickass festival without the crazy prices of elsewhere while still maintaining the great old Irish craic that can be had in the middle of a field with  savage company, music ,lights and drink. He has a serious work drive as long as he has a cup of tea in his hand and being an event coordinator means that he can’t afford to spill a drop!!!


Diarmuid is a veteran in pushing the envelope in the maybe, sorta, kinda legal way.

With a history of the best slapstick engineering possible while on certain adventures with certain colleagues, hes definitely a player when it comes to good ideas. As a DJ himself in the Student Union Bar Maynooth he brings a level of class music and a know how of blowing peoples minds.

My Sessions