Do you think we could...?

Justin Stevenson

Justin is a rare breed. The kind of man who actually enjoys to pull on a pair of boots and set off in search of hard work, well most of the time anyway. He has the tenacity not only to dream up an oddball idea but to follow it through to the glorious end. This has led to him being involved in infinitely more escapades than his criminal record actually gives credit for. One of the few people capable of making sense of both Edward and Diarmuid in the one conversation he’s a core pillar of PoorMan’s. He brings to the table a strange knack for getting things done just in the nick of time, a fundamental part of the lack of organisation in PoorMan’s.


Few people know and yet less believe that PoorMan’s actually celebrates something that came before. Justin is the reason behind that something and was instrumental in the drinking that lead to the foundation of this most haphazard of festivals.

He currently owns a boat that does not move, Diarmuid does too but he doesn’t like to mention that bit.

He hasn’t changed his Facebook profile picture since the summer of 2013.

Can usually be convinced of most anything using large enough quantities of Guinness and use of the phrase “be graaaand”.


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