He Hasn't Said No Yet

Mike Connon

The father of one Diarmuid Connon he never really got to say no to PoorMan’s. I mean he owned a trailer AND a van to pull it with, we pestered him for long enough that he eventually relented. He’s hauled everything from two b twoes to couches, bass bins to pallets. Has championed the line “You didn’t invent blagarding, just remember that” and in doing so driven us to make sure we’d carry on the honour of blagarding with pride and  a hint of mischief.


Has hauled trailers, caravans and a family all over the continent of Europe in search of what’s around the next bend.

Listens with an air of quiet disbelief every time Diarmuid and Justin start a sentence, we’re not sure if he’s actually just still in shock or has grown out of being worried about what we say.

When Diarmuid, Edward and Justin bought a boat together he didn’t ask why, he just asked where we needed to pick it up. If that’s not a mark of something we’re not sure what is!


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