Pint or Short?

Patrick Cassidy

As man who’s pulled pints and served shots on both sides of the Atlantic there’s no one more qualified to get you fucked up on beer than this kid. Some say he shaved off his eyebrows when he was a kid, others say he never had any, many think they’re actually the source of his mixology powers and that he has them locked away under a huge Swiss mountain and guarded by the bouncers from Coppers. All we know is we got him to but the beer in sesh, however he manages to do that.



Worked on a party boat for as long as he can remember and lost (this is not an extensive list by any means) 12 shirts, 8 belts, 2 pairs of pants and his right sock while in the line of duty.

Had a stint in a country club in America that’s so exclusive the sewage company pays THEM for their shit.

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