How Many Burgers This Time?

Tina Hyland

Waaaaaaaaay back when we needed to do Episode One this woman pointed out a simple problem, our nearest chicken fillet roll was in a town 10km away. A little bit more than a short walk most would say. In reward for her enlightened thinking she’s been volunteered every PoorMan’s since to feed the hordes. The hordes of hungry, hungry PoorMen. She’s pulled it off with ease, and in less than an hour can manage to satisfy the hunger of even the most ravenous drunkard in the field. How she does it we don’t know, mush less want to ask!



Has been attending PoorMan’s since before it was actually called that, so a helluva long time!

Owns some horses and a really huge rabbit, I mean it’s not quite part of her experience but I felt the need to mention it, the thing is a small, fluffy bear.

The only person that can actually maintain a conversation with Edward abut sheds and not get completely lost along the way…

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